In May, 2018 FBT Transwest’s Tottenham Major Hazard Facility site had it’s Licence to operate a Major Hazard Facility renewed by WorkSafe Victoria with no conditions. Effective from the 20th of May 2018 and for the duration of five-years, allows FBT Transwest continue its operations more widely and freely as a business for both transport and storage operations and across its other broad field of services.

FBT Transwest

In order for a full Major Hazard Facility Licence to be awarded “No Conditions”, a business must demonstrate a strong and fully compliant attention to health and safety across the board. The granting of this licence to FBT Transwest Tottenham is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all employees and staff throughout the company.

Such an important achievement would not be attainable without proven evidence of safety cases and compliance in the past, combined with an ongoing commitment to health and safety, as well as dedication environmental integrity and protection. Our Management and Occupational Health and Safety team’s strong commitment to the practices and philosophy of “Zero Harm” now allow FBT Transwest to practice our Major Hazard Facility with no restrictions providing greater opportunities and a broad business framework into the future continuing until 2023.

FBT Transwest will continue its strong and vital commitment to the environment, and to health, safety, quality and risk management into the future. Ensuring a prosperous, effective and robust management system continues to be in place as we take on the responsibility of a Major Hazard Facility, proudly without licencing conditions.