In 2017 Dow Chemical Logistics Australia embarked on the S4TAR program with their logistics partners, including FBT Transwest. The S4TAR program aims to evaluate performance in the areas of safety, sustainability, social responsibility and service in a fair and transparent manner


In May, Dow Chemical Logistics presented their 2017 Carrier of the Year Award to FBT Transwest. FBT Transwest and Dow have had a long and prosperous working history with one and other and are committed to further mutual growth and operations in the future.

Dow’s S4TAR program continues to raise the bar within their business to promote and improve more innovative relationships and opportunities into the future with logistics partners such as FBT Transwest. Dow’s dedication in promoting more successful and sustainable business operations is shared by FBT Transwest, as we look forward to a longer and stronger relationship with Dow and all our partners and customers.

FBT Transwest would not be able to deliver such a high quality and standard of service across the board without the continued attentiveness and dedication of all FBT management and employees, devoted to business improvement and greater prosperity into the future. We are immensely grateful for the honour of receiving the award for Dow Carrier of the Year 2017 and will remain steadfast in our endeavours to achieve safe, responsible and sustainable business outcomes for FBT Transwest and all our partners and clients.