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About FBT Transwest - Bulk Liquid Storage

Founded in 1972, FBT Transwest is an Australian company with:

  • Major dangerous goods licensed facilities in Melbourne
  • Strategic alliances with leading international tank container leasing and operating companies including Stolt, Hoyer,Cronos and Braid
  • Comprehensive end to end services for our customers- around the corner or around the globe
  • Representation on national and international dangerous goods and transport bodies.

Our Purpose

“Build a great business which creates wealth through long term sustainable growth.”

Providing a high level of service, as a specialised supplier of high consequence transport, storage and related supply chain services.

Our Vision

To be the leading Australian provider of liquid storage and distribution services to our customers in the chemicals, agricultural, plastics, edible oils and waste stream sectors.

Our Clients

With 34 years of history, we have built up a strong client base as well as agencies/depot for Stolt, Hoyer, Cronos and Braid.  We provide services to most of the leading manufacturers and importers of chemicals, agricultural, plastics, edible oils and waste stream products.

Memberships and Industry Representation

FBT Transwest is a member or is represented on the following bodies:

  • Bulk Liquids Industry Association
  • National Bulk Tanker Association
  • Chemistry Australia
  • Victorian Transport Association

It is also a signatory to:

  • Responsible Care
  • Chemistry Australia

Certification and Licenses

FBT Transwest holds the following certifications and licenses:

  • ISO 9001 accreditation
  • Chemistry Australia Carrier Accreditation
  • Major Hazards Facility (Victoria)
  • AIP passport
  • Customs Bond 77g
  • Customs Bond 79
  • EPA Licenced
  • ATO Licenced