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> Transporting Bulk/Packed goods

Professional bulk liquid transport in Melbourne Bulk liquid transport

FBT Transwest will exceed your expectations when it comes to bulk liquid transport companies in Melbourne. We are a privately owned, Australian bulk transport operator that specialises in the carriage, handling and storage of liquids and products. We handle both hazardous and non-hazardous products in bulk and distribute to a range of industries across Australia including the agricultural, waste stream, edible oils, chemicals and plastic sectors. We transport products using road tankers, ISO tanks, containers, flexi bags and various other forms of packaging.
FBT Transwest has a fleet of specialist vehicles to perform:

  • Domestic deliveries in tankers, tank containers,IBC’s and drums
  • Intermodal transfers for interstate deliveries
  • Line haul interstate deliveries
  • Off-wharf pick up and delivery
  • Co-ordination of international consignments
  • Low profile equipment can handle containers and tank containers up to 3.05metres in height.

For further information about our bulk liquid transport in Melbourne, call our friendly staff on 9316 0100.